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There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness." - Dave Barry

October 22nd, 2011

Lazy Saturday morning @ 08:02 am

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The 'big news' of yesterday was that Justice called me from Hayley's house and suggested that since I was out anyway (got my nails done) I come by and let her tell me about the big fight she got in with Jordan. (They're "okay" now.) I had fun hanging out there and thought for a long time that she actually wanted to see me but didn't want anything. As if. It finally came out that they had nothing to eat and no money, and Justice didn't have money to get into the football game, so I dropped them off at McDonald's with money in Justice's pocket.

I slept nine hours last night. Maybe lack of sleep is why I felt so lousy yesterday morning.

Today should be a quiet, productive time at home. My biggest annoyance is that the garbage simply must go out to the curb, but it has been raining hard all morning. The Rapture didn't happen yesterday and no famous dictators have been shot, Twitter and Facebook are very quiet, and even all my pets are sleeping.

September 19th, 2011

Yesterday was odd @ 08:28 am

Current Mood: confused
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I got a call from Justice just after 11:00 yesterday asking whether I could take her and Alex to shop for Homecoming dresses and shoes. This had already been approved by Elizabeth. That in itself was rather a surprise; usually something like this has to be planned a week ahead of time, and I had seen the girls last week, so supposedly I didn't get to see them again so soon.

Anyway, they wanted me there in an hour, so I had to really hustle. Then Justice asked if we could take her latest boyfriend Jordon with us; I wasn't especially pleased with doing that behind Elizabeth's back, not to mention I couldn't see why a boy would want to go shopping with a trio for girls, but I allowed it.

When I picked the girls up I got an unpleasant surprise - Justice has gotten her tongue pierced. I myself find such a thing peculiar, but what really worries me is how Elizabeth and Steve are going to react when they see it (they haven't noticed it yet). Elizabeth is going to be furious, but as Alex put it, Steve will "sit on you and rip it out". I had nightmares last night about it getting infected. And I don't like the insinuation about it making oral sex better.

Anyhow, we shopped for almost four hours, which was exhausting for me, although I guess walking all over the mall was good for me. Alex found something pretty quickly, but Justice must have tried on fifteen dresses before she chose one, and even then she was just sort of settling on it because she was tired and hungry. Shoes, fortunately, were easy, though Justice especially is going to have to practice walking in four inch heels! The whole trip cost me about $160, which was a pleasant surprise.

In the midst of shopping, Elizabeth called and told the girls to hurry and come home, because her friend John Brachlaut (sp??) was there. We were all a little disgruntled, because we thought we'd be allowed to have dinner together. But John is a friend from a very, very long time ago. I met him when he was sixteen, and hadn't seen him for about 43 years. OMG, that makes me feel so ancient!

So after we went shopping I went in and chatted with Elizabeth and John for a couple hours. When it became clear to me that Elizabeth was almost done cooking dinner, I said I had better go. But then she asked me wasn't I going to stay for dinner! I guess I was a little blunt in my surprise - I said "I didn't know I was invited." So I had dinner with Elizabeth, John, Steve, and the girls. Elizabeth had fixed a Caesar salad, pasta, and chocolate covered cream cake and I felt like I had to eat some of everything, regardless of how good Ive been about my diet. I also had a glass of wine. I finally came home about 7:30. John is on Facebook, so I guess we'll be keeping in touch now.

Speaking of my diet, I lost three pounds last week. Not impressive, but since my goal is three pounds every two weeks, I'm satisfied.

I've been having really vivid and scary dreams the past three nights about being in danger or being very ill. Don't know what that is all about.

Well, at least that was less boring than I have been the past few days.

This is the Way I Live (on IJ)

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness." - Dave Barry