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There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness." - Dave Barry

March 16th, 2011

One foot ahead of another. @ 07:49 am

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I lost 24 hours of my life during which we thought Justice was pregnant. So incredibly relieved that was a false alarm.

My mother is going to a wound clinic because the nursing home can't get the infections under control. While the wound on her arm is finally healing, the one on her tail bone gets worse every day. They have her on some pretty heavy pain killers, which of course means she is more zoned out and unaware than ever. This morning it has occurred to me that they won't have her Medicare cards and I will probably have to submit the claim to Medicare myself. Never done that before, nor do I have the slightest idea where to start.

"Rango" with my girls tonight. But first a major hair appointment in an effort to keep me from looking my age.

Busy day, but right now I need to take a nap before I fall over.

March 9th, 2009

Happy Monday morning @ 09:09 am

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Today started out pretty normal. Faeon texted me to say he was going to wait for the sun to come up before he headed home from work, because everything was pretty icy.

When I got home, I found out he spent that time gambling away the $100 he'd saved in tip money. Until he was down to $15. At which time he won $680.

OMG, six hundred and eighty dollars!!!

And now, it is snowing. Huge, gorgeous clumps of snow coming down fast and furious. It is indescribably beautiful. I want to just sit and stare out the window.

November 5th, 2008

Taking the sting out of bad news. @ 01:08 pm

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The nice man (who does happen to be black) who had to confirm to me today that my heat pump needs a new compressor, if not an entire new condensation unit, walked out of here wearing an Obama button and carrying a couple dozen Obama/Biden stickers. I've got extras, and it was fun to have someone to share the excitement with.

I just realized that, 30 years from now, people are going to be paying good money for pristine authentic front pages of this morning's major newspapers. Wow.

Somebody stole my Obama yard sign last night. I don't know whether it was a sore loser or a souvenir collector. I don't really care, though. It served its purpose. And I have several lovely pins, several bumper stickers, a few other stickers, and a beautiful piece of jewelry, so I'm happy.

Maybe I need to really stay away from the news for a while. I'm getting tired of all the emphasis on Obama's race. He didn't win because he's black. And he didn't win because McCain had a lapse of judgment and chose Sarah Palin. And he didn't win because the economy collapsed. At least, that's what I like to think.

Because I voted for him because I like his stands on the issues that are important to me. And I want to believe that most Obama supporters feel the same way.

August 31st, 2008

I have a dream... @ 08:29 am

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For at least a couple years I have been half-joking, especially with [info]lady_twatterby, about spending a year in England. I am so envious of the people who go to the Wincanton Events and the Studio Theatre Club Discworld plays - I read reports of those adventures and I actually ache with the desire to be part of it.

Now don't get excited - this is still not something that I can contemplate for the near future. Among other things, I will not be separated from Alex and Justice for long periods until they have turned 18 and are off to (hopefully) college.

On the other hand, almost nothing is as tragic as the regret one suffers at the realization that it is too late to follow a precious dream; that you will never do the thing you have always thought you would do 'someday.' I feel I have no choice but to wait seven years, but not a moment longer.

I hereby resolve, with great determination, that, no later than the end of 2015, I am taking a sabbatical to England.

When the banks open on Tuesday, I'm going to open an account strictly for this project, with automatic deposits to be made every month. One way or another, I will make room in my budget for this.

I hope that Discworld Conventions will still be being held. I hope that Bernard will still be holding Discworld Wincanton events. I hope that the STC will still be staging Discworld plays. I hope Alan Rickman and David Thewlis will still be making movies, and that Terry Pratchett will still be writing. But more important than all of that will be having time to share with some of my dearest friends.

This is the Way I Live (on IJ)

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness." - Dave Barry