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November 8th, 2011

Just another manic Tuesday @ 09:27 am

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Today is Election Day in the U.S. Vote, dear people! Occupy the Voters Booths!

Last night I forgot to take my meds. I realized this when I woke up at 4:00 A.M. feeling terrible, from disturbing dreams about making mistakes and not knowing what I was doing at work. I did get back to sleep for an hour, almost.

Last night I forgot to set up the coffee maker or to refill the water bottles. So that greeted me this morning.

Sometime yesterday I put a large amount of Nikky's old, untouched food down the garbage disposal, but evidently forgot to turn the thing on. Later I loaded and ran the dishwasher. The gunk in the kitchen drain backed up into the dishwasher so this morning I found the dishwasher full of filthy dishes. I've run it through twice now - hope that does the trick.

I almost wish I hadn't read the world news this morning. Greece and Italy about to fail financially. Profits way down for a couple big manufacturers. Roadside bomb in Afghanistan killed family of eight.

I fed the dog half a can of his favorite food this morning and he ate all of it! Yay! Only trouble is that he doesn't digest that stuff very well. I've tried experimenting with dry food, but he won't touch it, even when mixed with canned food, cheese, and peanut butter. Anyway, all of today's news isn't bad.

Yesterday I found out for sure that I am getting an iPad for my birthday. I'm really excited. The only problem, and it is a big one, is that it is due to arrive while I am in New York. I've registered with UPS for notifications and on-line signature.

I did 32 minutes of biking, kung-fu, and boxing on the Wii Fit Plus yesterday for 139 calories. Didn't keep track of calorie intake, though. It's difficult because I am nearly out of Nutrisystem food.

Aside from voting and chatting with Jinx, today looks pretty open. Please wish me support in making it a productive day rather than one where I spend hours sleeping.

October 19th, 2011

It's nice to be needed, but this is getting ridiculous. @ 07:48 am

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I am so tired!

Yesterday my calendar looked so nice and clean. Nothing planned except a chat with Jinx.

Then Justice texted me and she wanted, of all things, for me to bring her an Emerald City smoothie at lunch time. Okay, I could have said no. I should have said no. But I like to see her happy, and the smoothies are actually quite healthy. And it gave me an excuse to have one myself, which was chock full of protein and nutrients, but far too many calories. Anyway, she got her smoothie.

Then in the late afternoon I got a call from Alex's friend Jessica. She had skipped school and I guess they had the police looking for her. Then when she did go home her mother threw her out. She hadn't eaten and had no where to go. So I picked her up, bought her a meal at McDonald's, and took her to my house where she could warm up (it's nippy here and she was in shorts). I told her she had to call her mother, that I wasn't about to get involved in aiding a runaway. So she did, and with much tears and yelling they reached an agreement with which she was willing and allowed to go home. Jessica just turned 17, and she's a real handful. I don't envy her mother. But taking off her bedroom door is not appropriate. Anyway, it was early evening by the time I drove her home, and the whole thing exhausted me.

Today I have a therapist appointment and a dentist appointment. Then I have to take Alex to driving school and pick her up. Since this all means there's no time for Faeon to come over to go on a grocery trip, I've postponed a massage appointment until next week. Turns out it's the same day as Alex's choir concert, which of course I mustn't miss.

I told Justice I would try to go to the football game on Friday to watch her boyfriend Jordan play, but I'm just so tired.

I want to take the girls to the Pumpkin Patch before Halloween and was hoping for Saturday, but it turns out that Alex has plans that day. I'm almost relieved.

I'm so worried about Justice. She smokes, drinks, does pot, is failing school, and has had (and probably is having) sex. And she's only 14. We can't get her to make any college or career plans; she has confided to me that she wants to go into the military, which might be the best thing for her. I can't help feeling that if I had her living with me I could help her get straightened out. Steve and Elizabeth just calling her a loser who is following in her mother's footsteps is not helping.

I decided yesterday I couldn't give the dog any more antibiotics. He's been on them for almost a month and only had three days left anyway. He was eating less than half of what he should, and spending most of the day lying down. His skin appears to be healed and I just can't do this to him anymore. As it was I was having to cut his capsules and empty them into his food with a couple tablespoons of pumpkin to keep him from throwing up. I used anti-itch spray on him this morning because he was licking at the old, healed area - He hates me doing it and wants to lick it off, but he endures it.

I've been off my diet for two days, and didn't exercise yesterday. For that I have no one to blame but myself but... yeah, I'm so tired.

October 11th, 2011

Pets seem to be a big issue this week. @ 06:53 pm

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So. I have ants in my kitchen. Tiny little ones. I'll find one swarm of them, wipe it out with bleach, ant spray and ant traps, and a few days later I have one or two new swarms.

I pay Redi National a lot of money to keep pests out of my house, and that includes the ants. So I talked to the tech tonight and he is going to spray the inside of the house instead of just the outside.

Problem: We all have to be out of the house for at least three hours. Me, the dog, the cats, and the bird. The dog can stay with the vet - he's beginning to feel right at home there - and I guess I can just keep the bird cage in the car. I can hang out at someplace like Starbucks I guess. But what do I do about the cats.

Vimesie and Fey are about eight years old. Aside from the couple of times one or the other has escaped the house and had an adventure, they have never been outside the house since they were kittens. They have no familiarity with anything resembling an animal carrier. I haven't taken them to the vet.

So assuming I can get a couple of those cardboard cat carriers and somehow, somehow get both of them in one, what do I do? I can take them to the vet and they'll probably bring them up to date on all their vaccinations and whatever, which would be a good thing I guess, but I don't know if I can talk them into boarding them for a few hours. With Nikky they always check to see if he is up to date with check-ups and shots before they will board him.

I can't even think what order I have to do things in. Call the vet tomorrow and find out what they can do to help me. But I can't actually set up an appointment with them until I set up an appointment with Redi National. And I'd really like to work this so that Sean can come over and help out with corralling the cats.

I didn't need this tonight. I've been in bed all afternoon. Too sick to go see Terry Pratchett in Seattle, even though I had a ticket. And I apologize, but I am just too damned exhausted to try to proof-read this entry.

October 10th, 2011

My poor puppy! @ 08:25 am

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Well, actually he's Faeon's six-year-old Husky, but as long as he lives here he's my puppy. His skin condition continues to flare up and spread. He must be biting and licking at it in the night, because I never see him do it. He threw up his breakfast this morning, including the two antibiotic capsules that I had to cram down the poor beast's throat. $500, countless hours, and still no closer to a cure. All we know is what it is not. I'm at wit's end.

September 25th, 2011

It's Sunday, I'm up early, and it's raining. @ 06:49 am

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I've been seeing flocks of Canadian Geese flying south and a few red leaves on my Chinese Maple tree, but now fall is really here: it's raining here in the Pacific Northwest, and not expected to stop any time in the near future.

Nikky has an early appointment with the groomer to be washed with medicated shampoo. Poor puppy.

1297 calories eaten yesterday. 32 minutes (116 calories) on the Wii Fit Plus which, as usual, totally wore me out. I'm back on the program after three days of being lazy; I really think I was overdoing, because I was tired all the time and my right thigh was horribly sore for a couple days. I regret missing both the Fair and VCON, but both of those would have been disasters for my diet. Tomorrow morning I find out if I've lost any weight this week.

I tried to make a To-Do list yesterday - it's hideous! I would have to be super-productive every day to meet deadlines, and that's just not going to happen. Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I didn't just want to lie in bed and read all day. Concentrating on losing weight takes a tremendous amount of time: Preparing 5 meals a day and sitting down to eat them, rather than eating on the run; put on heart monitor, get dressed for work-out, stretch, warm-up, aerobic exercise, cool down and recover, shower and dress. Plus for the time being there is giving Nikky pills, spreading salve on him, and getting him shampooed every five days.

I have to decide when I'm going to New York. It's a choice between mid-November, mid-December, and January. I'll write about it in more detail later, but I really have to make a decision, because that November window is approaching fast.

And just a thought: Ascendio 2012 wouldn't seem nearly so outrageously expensive if I skipped the Discworld Convention next year.

September 22nd, 2011

My poor puppy, and weight-loss failure @ 08:58 am

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Okay, Nikky isn't a puppy; he's six years old. But he's still our baby, and he has some sort of horrendous skin condition. The only good news is that we have actually found a vet who is doing something. Nikky's whole right hip has been shaved, a skin scraping taken, and even two biopsies. While we wait for results, there are pills, salve, and shampoo. I've never tried to shampoo Nikky, who is a Siberian Husky, at home, so this should be interesting. The first time we'll have the groomer do it, but it has to be done every five days.

Best diagnosis would be a flea allergy, though I treat him every month for them. The cats could be harboring them, so they need to go to the vets, and the whole house would have to be fumigated. Or it might be a kind of mite, which would be about the same solution. Third possibility, which we think is most likely, is that it is a fungal condition, which of course can be treated. And there is the one in 10,000 chance that it is the first sign of a congenital terminal disease.

So the trip to the vets plus a big grocery trip was about all that got done yesterday. No exercise; my right thigh was terribly painful and I wanted to give it a rest. Feeling less sore all over this morning. But I should have watched my diet yesterday, and I definitely didn't. Got a new order of Nutrisystem food and mostly snacked on the new desserts. Also had a donut, which is a tradition when we go to Winco.

Today I'm dragging Faeon and his roommate to see Rising of the Planet of the Apes. I don't expect much at all. I mainly want to see Draco.

May 13th, 2011

The problem with Siberian Huskies... @ 03:55 pm

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Tags: that they are escape artists. When Sean's dog Nikky was growing up we must have tried a dozen ways to keep him in the yard, all unsuccessful. The backyard is large and full of interesting things, but apparently Huskies by nature don't like boundries.

Finally we got an "invisible fence" and, much to my surprise, it worked like a charm. Nikky's collar vibrates if he gets too close to the perimeter of the yard. If he continues to approach it, he gets an electrical shock. It's startling and unpleasant, but I wouldn't really say it is painful.

And now for years Nikky has been conditioned to stay away from the fence. He wouldn't go through the gate even if you opened it and called him.

But for the past couple months the alarm has occasionally gone off to tell us that the circuit in the fence is broken. For a while all I had to do was reset it and it would stop beeping, but finally it started beeping non-stop and I unplugged it. I told Patrick and Faeon about it and they were going to see if they could repair it, but they haven't gotten around to it yet. I really thought the dog was too conditioned to approach the fence even without the vibration.

I was wrong.

So Nikky burrowed under the fence and took off this afternoon. I don't know how long he was gone, but when I found him he decided to prance right down the middle of the street toward an approaching truck. Luckily the truck slowed almost to a stop and suddenly Nikky decided he was terrified of it and ran straight to me. The dog escapes through the front door every couple months or so, but I've never seen him in the street before.

Chad filled the hole Nikky dug, but that won't stop him for long. Patrick says that he will try rewiring the fence in the next couple days, and Faeon is going to help. Until then, the dog can only go outside if I am watching him, which is a royal pain. I'm only the dog's custodian anyway; Faeon has left him here because his apartment doesn't allow large dogs. I'm beginning to wish he had looked for a different apartment.

October 16th, 2010

More about Alex, and the evil dog @ 07:47 am

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Tonight is the Homecoming Dance. Yesterday Alex's date, the 18-year-old pothead, got suspended for having weed at school. I happened to be at the school to see the fallout - Alex, who comes about to Shawn's shoulder, screaming at him about having done such a stupid thing. He looked like a hen-pecked husband. He kept saying it was "an accident." Having been suspended, he will be barred from the dance.

I feel bad for Alex, who has been looking forward to this dance for months, but in another way I'm delighted. Seems like this is a good lesson in consequences of being careless with marijuana and breaking school rules, as well as giving her a taste of just how dumb this kid can be.

Yesterday I was so full of energy I even got in a good aerobic workout. Last night, however, was awful. First I had dreams about every little worry that is on the back of my mind. Then the dog wanted out at 2:30 and wouldn't come in. I went back to bed, got up to check on him at 3:30 and again at 4:00, and he still wouldn't come in. He finally barked at the door at 4:45, at which point I let him in and then went back to bed until 7:00.

September 22nd, 2010

Boring Wednesday morning update @ 07:38 am

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Post from the NutriSystem Forum:

Got to bed very late, but still woke before 7:00. I see a nap in my future.

Weather yesterday was as beautiful as anyone could ask for - hard to believe it was fall in Seattle. But it rained last night and this morning the fog is really thick. Weatherman says we're going to have a nice day today, however, with highs in the mid-60s. Temperature at 7:30 A.M. is 40°.

Got a few chores done yesterday in spite of Tom being here - I took him to the airport late last night to catch the "red-eye" back to Chicago. The dog got out the front door yesterday and took off; my son drove here to help catch him but by the time he got here the dog was back. They caught him on the grounds of the meeting hall down the street. I didn't talk to them, but Tom said they were furious, as there are a lot of outside activities held there where a dog as big as Nikky could cause real havoc. You would think that if they are that worried they would put up a fence.

I've got two appointments this morning and have to stop at the store on my way home. But starting tomorrow I have at least a week to get on a real routine. I at least ate the right foods yesterday, but not at the right times.

August 18th, 2010

A typical NutriSystem Forum Post @ 07:52 am

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I decided since I'd asked for your opinions about whether I should copy my NutriSystem posts here on LJ and IJ, I would give you an example. This is the post for this morning:

The dog was insane last night. When I let him out at bedtime, he wouldn't come back in. At 10:00 I tried everything I could think of, including going out after him, but no success. At which point I threw my hands in the air and went to bed. So at 2:00 in the morning I he woke me up barking. I would have just left him out there, but I didn't want him to bother the neighbors, so I had to get up and let him in.

So even though I slept in, I have that dragging feeling that I didn't get enough sleep. Not to mention being grumpy at the dog.

I got a lot done toward packing yesterday, but it only served to emphasize how much there is left to do. I can't believe I'm leaving in just a week. I have an appointment this morning, then back to errands. In the meantime the normal chores around the house are piling up. I'm not exercising officially right now, but I am being, for me, very active.

The clouds are finally back. It is gray and dismal this morning, but not raining. Highs expected to reach only the low 70s. Temperature at 8:00 A.M. is 61°.

March 16th, 2010

My wonderful attack dog @ 10:04 pm

Current Mood: relieved

I found my dog in the living room this afternoon playing with a huge, ugly, brown bumblebee. I don't understand why he didn't get stung. He would pick the thing up in his mouth and drop it again, knock it around with his paw, and was jumping around barking and having a terrific time. When the bee managed to take off, I ran.

I am incredibly phobic of anything that flies and stings (all the way from wasps to honeybees). I locked myself in the bedroom for fifteen minutes, during which time Nikky apparently ate the damn thing. At least, I can't find it anywhere.

I don't find this totally surprising. When he was still a young dog I watched him eat a spider web which contained both the spider and a struggling honeybee. He did have diarrhea that night. I also remember when he was a puppy he came across a gigantic bumblebee (with the typical black and yellow stripes, not brown like the one in the house this afternoon). He sniffed it, backed off, and then very intentionally peed on it.

September 19th, 2009

Lazy Saturday Morning @ 09:41 am

Current Mood: amused

Vimesie Kitty is asleep on the printer, cuddling the router, because it's warm. This has earned her the nickname of "Printer Kitty."

Nikky is being very good at the moment. He's sleeping right beside my computer desk.

Fae Kitty, however, is prowling in and out of the bedroom. I think she wants to have another 'fight' with Nikky, and is waiting for him to instigate one by trying to enter her domain. I took a video with my iPhone the other day of the two of them; Nikky happily bounding back and forth, Fae hissing and taking swipes at him, and finally this rather smallish cat chasing our 47-pound Siberian Husky out of room.

I almost wish I knew how to upload it to YouTube.

September 14th, 2009

My baby's home! @ 09:04 am

Current Mood: giddy

I found my little Vimesie Kitty!! I put some cat food outside the hole under Chad's house. About an hour later I saw her standing just inside the hole. She wouldn't come when I called her, but she let me reach in and bring her inside. She's eating now. She's acting a little nervous and skittish, but she did that the last time she ran away. I think she gets a little freaked out!

OMG, I am so happy I want to dance all over the house and tell everyone I know that I have her back!! She was gone for around 36 hours this time. I had made reward posters for her and was getting ready to start stapling them to telephone poles!!

September 13th, 2009

What I need is more intestinal fortitude. @ 08:17 am

Current Mood: bitter

Every time I try to turn over a new leaf, someone spills ink all over the page.

I really had myself psyched up. Tomorrow I was going to shape up. Get back on NutriSystem and stick to it 100%. Exercise at least five days per week. Get a routine going so I can get things done.

Then yesterday happened.

Cut for excessive self-pity )

And therefore I drink. And eat snack food. And spend excessive time distracting myself with DVDs and Wii games. Anything to temporarily stop me from screaming.

Logically I know that taking care of my health should make me better able to deal with this garbage, as should being productive and getting stuff done instead of dwelling on what I can't change or obsessing on possible futures. ("Sufficient unto the day are the evils thereof.") I don't want to be the sort of person who spends all day on the couch, eating, drinking, and watching TV.

But I am way beyond being simply overwhelmed.

August 18th, 2009

More Tuesday morning randomness @ 09:41 am

Current Mood: exhausted

There's a daffodil field across the street from my house, except for the past two years they have done nothing but plow it. Letting the soil rest, I guess. Anyway, today they are spreading something white on it which looks like chalk dust and is probably toxic. And behind the tractor there is a gimuncous white cloud. I am Not Happy, because soon they will be doing the area directly across from my house, and we will be covered with that cloud. This Can Not Be Good.

The Army called Chad last night to tell him that there is space for him after all in a two-week leadership class in Idaho that he volunteered for. He's supposed to be on a plane in about two hours. But he won't be able to go if they don't get the paperwork through on time. So he's sitting here packed and ready to go, but refusing to leave for the airport until they give him word that he'll actually be able to get on the plane. Don't you just love the Military?

People occasionally criticize us for keeping Nikky in his cage when we aren't able to keep an eye on him. Well, this morning he took my credit cards off the table and tried to run off with them. Later, while I was briefly in the bathroom, he got a hold of the container of yogurt that was sitting on my desk and ate the rest of my breakfast. This is in addition to the fact that he still pees and poops in the house if I don't chase him outside about every 20 minutes. The worst part of all is that, although he is actually my son's dog, Faeon is planning on moving out in nine months, and of course the apartments won't take a 55 pound Siberian Husky.

My legs are hurting and I'm exhausted for no reason. I'm very, very close to saying 'fuck keeping a routine' and going back to bed.

December 18th, 2008

Excerpts from an email. @ 10:14 pm

Current Mood: bouncy

Since I need to get ready for bed instead of writing a post, here is an excerpt from an email I sent to Tom earlier this evening describing my day:
The Roomba does a very nice job, and is fascinating to watch. Both cats and the dog have alternately stalked it and run away from it, but so far I am the only one it has chased. I am absolutely in love with the thing. I was going to call it Rudolph, because of a filk in ( [info]copperbadge's ) LiveJournal, but it turns out to have a female voice. (It startled ( Faeon ) and me when it politely said, "Please clean Roomba's brushes." Neither of us had expected it to talk.) So if you have any name suggestions, let me know. When I register it with iRobot, they will ask me its name. Yes, really.

It snowed today. All day. It was glorious. There is only about 2.25 inches piled on the porch railing tonight, but that is a lot for here. I am thrilled way beyond what is rational. Sumner School District and Michelle's Dance Studio have both thrown in the towel and are closed until January. The roads are horrible - my tires lost traction three times coming home from Fred Meyers this evening. I'm trying not to think about ( Faeon ) coming home at 2:00 AM. It looks like the clouds are breaking up now, but supposedly we may get more snow after midnight. Then again, the weatherman hasn't gotten one thing right all week.

There is a humongous pile of boxes in the middle of my living room which ( Faeon ) brought in from the shed this afternoon, all labeled "Christmas Crap." Kathy has promised to come over tomorrow and help set up decorations. I don't know what time I'm getting the girls tomorrow, since there is no school. I was planning to get my hair and nails done tomorrow, but it all depends on how passable the roads are.

Between the snow and the Roomba, I've had too much fun today to be depressed.

September 26th, 2008

Is it morning? @ 07:46 am

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I've been sleeping in Justice's new bedroom, where the cats aren't allowed.

Except apparently when I closed the door last night, one of them had already snuck in.

At 6:10 AM, said cat decided she wanted breakfast.

Unfortunately, I was up watching TV until 2:00 AM.

Before I got the DVR for Justice, I never even turned on the television except to watch the news while I walked on the treadmill. Now I've got seven series set up to record, and five of them are on five days a week.

In my defense, one of them is True Blood, the HBO series based on Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire books.

But the others? Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachael Maddow, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher.

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There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness." - Dave Barry