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October 16th, 2011

Does it have to be morning already? @ 06:48 am

Current Mood: grumpy

The play last night, The Love List was funny, but not as well done as when I saw the same theatre group do it in 2005. Dampened my spirits that I believe that play was the last one I saw with John. The worst part of the play was that by the time I got home and into bed it was after midnight, which means I got less than five hours sleep. Should take a nap, but doubt I'll have time.

1187 calories consumed yesterday, 34 minutes on the Wii Fit Plus for 111 calories, ten sit-ups using the Ab Rocket, and still my weight is up this morning. I'm going to be terribly disappointed at tomorrow's weigh-in unless I miraculously drop a couple pounds today.

I am not looking forward to the Seattle Westercon meeting today. I'm really concerned at how disorganized they appear to be at this point. I can't even find the room rates posted. For a 4th of July convention, they should be taking room reservations by now. I'm worried about how many key positions on the Committee haven't even been filled yet. I am vaguely considering not even going. All I can hope to do there is to maybe get some information and to let people know they have to get busy, and I'm afraid it will just turn out frustrating for me and discouraging for them. I'm only doing the Information Desk for the convention, but I hate having my name connected with such an incompetent group. I'm beginning to feel that way more and more about Seattle fandom.

Ants in the cat food and on the clean kitchen counter this morning. What am I supposed to do if not have the house fumigated? I can't live with this problem just growing worse and worse.

August 3rd, 2011

I'm pedaling as fast as I can! @ 07:41 am

Current Mood: stressed

Dear Universe:
Please slow down.
Signed: Desperate

The work for the Reno Worldcon is like a hydra. I cut off one head and two grow back. Only ten days until we leave!

Facebook won't post my status this morning. Probably the least of my problems.

July 31st, 2011

Where I've been hanging out the past few days. @ 11:49 am

Current Mood: relaxed

People on LJ and IJ keep suggesting I get on DW (which will always mean Discworld to me, and not Doctor Who). People on Facebook are inviting me onto Google+ . I already miss loads and loads of stuff because I don't have time to read everything I have now. In the mornings I usually scan Facebook, looking for remarks from family and personal friends and ignoring most of the political opinions, which were the original reason I joined. I also skim Facebook, and Twitter as well, for breaking news. That's really the only input I have for what is happening in the world, at least for now.

After my mid-morning nap (yes, I'm still sleeping too much) I allow myself some time on LiveJournal and InsaneJournal. Actually, since I keep hearing about some serious problems on LJ, I've been primarily reading IJ. A lot of my friends cross post to both.

For years I've had Semagic working so that it will post simultaneously on LiveJournal and InsaneJournal, which I dearly love. Unfortunately, I cannot get this to work on my new netbook, no matter how carefully I try to follow how many sets of directions. That is a real bummer when I'm traveling; generally my posts only appear on LiveJournal when I'm on my netbook.

It's 12 days until we leave for the Reno Worldcon, and I'm filled with stress trying to get everything done. Yesterday was an especially busy day, with a 90 minute online meeting plus three phone calls. In the midst of this I am still trying to deal with the details that followed my mother's death. The big one right now is that the movers who are bringing the few pieces of furniture I decided to keep did their pick-up in Illinois on the 22nd but still haven't given us an estimated delivery date.

But I've decided that, in spite of everything, I'm going to take things real easy today. I'm going to straighten the house and make a very detailed list of things that need to be done, but the only one I'm going to do is vote for the Hugo Awards. I can't put that one off because midnight tonight is the deadline.

November 27th, 2010

Loscon! @ 12:01 pm

Current Location: Los Angeles
Current Mood: good

I love L.A. passionately. I also love Loscons. There are SO many good people here that I only see once a year. My flight here was awful - the baby in front of me cried practically non-stop the whole two hours. And Thanksgiving dinner at a Swiss restaurant was rather disappointing. But Friday I spent greeting friends and attending programming and had a great day. Unfortunately, I drank and ate way, way too much, so I woke up late today and feeling groggy. But cigarettes, coffee, a gorgeous omelet and a Vanilla Bean Frappucino have cleared away the cobwebs. There is a Starbucks right in the middle of the hotel lobby, which is doing terrible things to my budget and waistline.

In a little while I'm going to catch a couple program items, then go shopping with Tom and John Hertz for tonight's Prime Time Party. We run a rather upscale room party from1:00 A.M. until 7:00 A.M. Takes a lot of effort and sure makes for a long day, but it's always worth it.

October 2nd, 2010

Saturday morning's boring report. @ 06:54 am

Current Mood: awake

Faeon and Lee had a Magic tournament yesterday and didn't get here to go on a grocery run until 9:00 in the evening, so I was up later than usual. Also got up early this morning, so there's probably a nap in today's future.

While shopping I had a new idea for getting some exercise: Walking the aisles at Winco! There aren't many people there in the evening and the aisles are very wide. I mean, lots of people go walking in the mall for exercise, so why not? Winco is just down the street; in fact, within walking distance even for me. Whereas going to the mall involves a 20 minute drive and I'm not likely to be that motivated.

Yesterday I was lazy and spent a large part of the day reading I Shall Wear Midnight, but today I need to concentrate hard on my job running the con office at the Worldcon next year. I have dozens of questions, many of which will be answered if I can learn, with Lee's help,, how a Wiki works. Tomorrow at noon we have a Skype meeting, and in a couple weeks the Division Heads are meeting. There will be a Staff Meeting in Reno in March, but by then I'd better have a damn good hold on what I'm expected to do.

Weather: Heavy overcast with the high in the mid-60s yesterday, and the same predicted today. Tomorrow we get back to the raining.

December 6th, 2009

Last day of SMOFcon - Must be Sunday? @ 06:35 am

Current Mood: rushed

I did not expect these past nine days to be so hectic. I had this idea that posting and reading here would keep me grounded. Instead, it seems as though there hasn't even been time to sleep and eat. In fact, I should be in the shower by now.

I miss my girls. I miss my son. I miss playing Animal Crossing with Jinx.

Don't get me wrong. Loscon went fine, Los Angeles sooths my soul, and I'm really enjoying SMOFcon. I appreciate the fact that I've been able to make this trip. But I feel like I've been away from home for a month.

Also, two real bummers: I lost the base to my GPS navigator at the airport, and have been unsuccessful in finding a substitute. I feel literally lost without it. Secondly, it is fucking cold in Austin. We are having a tremendous cold wave. Seriously, there have been snow flurries! I didn't bring the clothes for this, so I'm stuck inside the hotel.

Need to get going... I should have been showered by now... Need to hit the con suite for breakfast before a 10:00 panel.

November 26th, 2009

Happy Wild Rushing Time @ 06:23 am

Current Mood: rushed

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I'm taking Faeon, Chad and Patrick out to a nice buffet, then coming home to wildly throw things into a suitcase. I leave for Loscon in Los Angeles tomorrow morning (and because of the logistics of getting me to the airport, Faeon will have to drive me out to an airport hotel tonight). From there I'm going straight to Austin for SMOFcon. I'll have my laptop, of course, so I won't be entirely without the internet - not sure I could survive that.

August 10th, 2009

2009 Hugo Award Winners @ 12:14 pm

Current Mood: tired

A few of you may be interested to know this year's Hugo Award winners .

At the party after the ceremony Neil Gaiman let me look closely at his award - that was a real kick!

I dated Phil Foglio for three years in the late 80s. He had won two Hugos for Best Fan Artist decades ago, after which he declared that he had become a professional artist and therefore felt ineligible as a fan. For something like 25 years he never made the ballot. Then he was at last nominated for Best Pro Artist, but didn't win. Now, after decades of trying, he won a professional Hugo for his graphic novel. And he wasn't here to accept it!! He had done so much at Comicon last week and felt, anyway, that he didn't have a chance in hell to win. He did choose a couple of dear mutual friends as accepters but didn't even give them an acceptance speech. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Sorry I have disappeared. The bottom fell out of my relationship with Elizabeth, my girls' grandmother, the night before I left for Montreal. The degree of my devastation is beyond expression, so great that I've really not been up to talking about it. Instead I have thrown myself into my work as the Convention Office Manager for the World Science Fiction Convention, arriving here in Montreal 9 days ago. I've been quite busy, working up to ten hours a day. I also caught a nasty cold, so I tried to sleep as much as possible.

I go off duty for the final time in three hours, and I return home on Wednesday. Don't exactly know what I'm going to do with my life after that.

April 13th, 2009

One last post on Norwescon @ 08:00 am

Current Mood: awake

I've posted a brief convention report on Norwescon , in case anyone here is, for some odd reason, interested.

April 11th, 2009

Oh, by the way... @ 05:44 pm

Current Mood: grumpy

I'm at Norwescon. Well, I'm in the hotel where Norwescon is being held, I have a membership badge, and I've seen the Art Show and Dealers Room. Finally got into the room I didn't know I had reserved last night at 10:00, and have to check out at noon tomorrow.

I have no idea why I have been so incredibly anti-social this past week or so. Not just the usual social anxiety, but being generally absent here as well. Sorry. Hopefully it will pass soon.

Need to go take a shower now. Tom and I are walking up the street to the 13 Coins Restaurant. I will be miserably cold, and we'll probably get rained on.

April 9th, 2009

Temporarily Absent @ 08:21 am

Current Mood: busy

I am not dead. And I certainly haven't forgotten you guys.

I haven't looked at LiveJournal or Insane Journal in three or four days, which is really unusual for me, I know. And I apologize, especially for not reading and commenting on all the posts I usually would have.

Nothing weird is happening. I am just so damned busy. Part of what is going on is that I've made a conscious decision that things like paying bills and updating my calendar simply cannot be put off any longer. Another thing is that I have re-committed myself to NutriSystem, with determination to lose these last 15 pounds that have hung around for about a year, and that means more time spent exercising. And Stuff is happening. Like Tom is arriving today for the weekend, and there is Norwescon, the largest local science fiction convention.

And if I could find extra time, I would sleep. I need sleep soooo bad.

February 6th, 2009

2011 Worldcon will be in Reno @ 10:17 pm

Current Mood: shocked

The Seattle bid for the 2011 Worldcon announced this evening that they are pulling out of the race. They were unable to secure first-option agreements with their facilities, because other groups, with money in hand, want to reserve the space.

This is the deadline for 2011 bids to file their papers, so the Reno Worldcon Bid will not be contested.

This is really a grave disappointment to the people who have worked hard for several years to bring the Worldcon to Seattle, and my sympathy goes out to them. Regardless of which bid one favored, I don't think anyone is happy to see the contest end this way.

Seattle in 2011 Worldcon Bid

Reno in 2011 Worldcon Bid

December 31st, 2008

2008 @ 04:54 pm

Current Mood: contemplative

My gods!

What. A. Year.

Was it really only a few months ago when I spent every day slaving over and worrying about Denvention?

Scariest & Worst Moment: Having to be pulled out through the back window of my totaled car while in Really Significant Pain.

Happiest Moment: November 4, 2008, 11:00 P.M. Eastern Time

Saddest Moment: Jacob's Funeral

Proudest Moment: Fitting into a Size 12 jeans

Angriest Moment: Learning Alex can't spend any more weekends with Jack.

Oddest Moment: When Stephen Briggs announced to everyone in the bar, "You don't even know Eve!" (I've known [info]yoodi much longer than he has.)

Favorite Toy: There are too many to choose! Cinderoomba, my 2008 Honda Odyssey, XM Satellite Radio, the 48" TV with cable DVR... and there's the Wii I have yet to investigate.

Favorite Book: The Broken Window by Jeffery Deaver. There was really not much to choose from this year.

Favorite TV Show: Real Time with Bill Maher. No contest.

Favorite Movie: Nobel Son. Favorite Movie without Alan Rickman in it: I'll say Iron Man, but it's not much of an honour. I saw very, very few movies this year. In fact, I saw Iron Man on a trans-Atlantic flight. The only 2008 Box Office Hit I saw in a theatre was Twilight. Which was not my favorite anything.

Favorite Song: Overall I should say Realize by Colbie Caillat, but for the past couple months the only possible answer, thanks to [info]littleblackbow's animated video, is Adventures in Solitude by The New Pornographers. Yeah, it was actually released in 2007, but that is irrelevant from my viewpoint.

Favorite Fic: Anything that shows up with the tag 'Rec.' But if I have to choose one, I guess it would be Solaces Never Dreamed Of by McKay, because it was written just for me. It's the brilliant Snupin I won in the 'Live Long and Marry' auction. We are assuming here, though, that What I Did on My Summer Vacation, the afore-mentioned animated video, does not fall in the classification of 'fic.'

2008 was the year that the simmering economic recession finally reached critical mass, and "bailout" became one of the most over-used words in the English language. It was the year of Sarah Palin, who can see Russia from her house.

It was the year that Terry Pratchett announced he has Alzheimer's, and released Nation, and became a knight. And the year of the Birmingham Discworld Convention, where [info]lady_twatterby dressed me in pinstripes, and I stayed in the bar until 5:30 A.M. every night.

In January, Faeon, Tom and I toured Scotland, England, and France. In June, John's health insurance ran out and my meds began costing $1,008 per month. We redecorated to create Justice's room, into which I have moved. The hot water heater next door fell through the floor. A couple weeks ago we had the biggest snowfall Faeon has ever seen.

But ten years from now I think the thing I will remember most clearly about 2008 will be the words "President-Elect Barack Obama."

My gods! What. A. Year.

November 29th, 2008

Loscon @ 11:45 am

Current Mood: lazy

If anyone is interested, my report on what I did yesterday is HERE.

November 23rd, 2008

Help requested from travelers. @ 07:29 pm

Current Mood: busy
Current Music: Somebody Help Me (theme from Tru Calling) - Full Blown Rose

I am going to drive, alone, from Seattle to Los Angeles, for Loscon. I've made that trip alone at least five times, but I was much younger the last time I did it. I am now much more cautious and anxious to be prepared.

So what do I need to have with me for a driving trip that I wouldn't usually think about when I fly? I have my Nuvi navigator, a TripTik, and motel reservations along the way for the trip down. (I will be taking I-5 all the way.) I have a flashlight, flares, a first-aid kit, my AAA card, and my cell phone with the car charger. I have a spare tire and a jack, but if I do have a flat I will call AAA rather than try to change it myself. I'm bringing along my waterproof winter coat. I have XM radio, plus audio books on my iPod, on CD, and on my navigator. I'm bringing a cooler (which we will be using for the Prime Time Party anyway), in which I will have water and soda, and I'm packing apples and NutriSystem meal and snack bars. The car has just had an oil change and all the fluids and such checked. (It's a Honda minivan with less than 6,000 miles on it.) I think I've allowed for the extra underwear, cigarettes, meds, etc. that I will need because it is taking three days rather than three hours to make the trip. I have Wet-Wipes, chewing gum, mints, and even a mini roll of toilet paper.

I do not, unfortunately, have sunglasses. I need prescription glasses to drive, and we just don't need sunglasses up here that often. Hopefully I can find a pair of those hideous clip-on sunglasses tomorrow.

I also do not have tire chains, and I know I should. I haven't yet checked what the weather is going to be coming over the mountain pass. Again, maybe I'll be able to buy the chains tomorrow.

Now, dear readers, please, tell me what I am forgetting!

EDIT: I have an ice scraper, jumper cables, and a towel to wipe condensation off the side windows. I also have found in John's old stuff sun goggles that fit over glasses.

This is the Way I Live (on IJ)

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness." - Dave Barry